Activities offered

Culture, Wildlife & Nature

One of the best ways to view the flora and fauna of Chitwan is by taking a safari ride on an elephant, as it enables you to penetrate deep into the jungle through tall grasslands.


Elephant Briefing

About this gentle giant during our daily elephant briefing. Our experts will inform you of various facts about the life and habits of the wild and domestic elephants, enlighten you as to the differences between the African and Asian elephants, and other interesting tit-bits.

On a jeep

Jeep safari

Jeep safari is one of best opportunity to see the wildlife in Chitwan National Park which provides you the opportunity to take snap of wildlife and the view around you. While travelling we will able to see one-horned rhino, bengal tiger, spotted deer and many more.

On a boat

Canoe ride

Canoe ride on Narayani river is the more thrilling activities to explore Chitwan National Park and to view different aquatic animals and wildlife. Canoe is a dug out boat made traditionally with a single wooden log by local inhabitant which can be done in the morning & afternoon. Visitors can enjoy sights of Marsh Mugger & Gharial crocodiles basking on the banks of the Rapti river.

Early mornings or early evenings are the perfect time to embark on a river ride to the Western side of the forest area. You will come across various bird species along the river route as well as marsh crocodiles basking in the sun. Fishermen are also a common sight on the route. They mostly belong to the Tharu ethnic group, who have been fishing the traditional ways for generations.


Tharu cultural program

Tharu people of Chitwan welcome guests by performing dance and singing in the evening, famous Tharu stick dances and the crazy peacock dance are two highlights which reflects their life styles.

A special presentation is also offered for guests who are there for a longer stay on the various aspects of wildlife and Tharu community. Guests can also opt to visit the local tharu village where they have the opportunity to observe and interact with the locals on their culture and way of life.


Bird watching

Bird watching simply means observation of birds in its natural habitat. Chitwan National Park is the popular spots for bird watching with over 450 species of birds. While travelling on jeep or riding on elephant back you will able to see numbers of birds including blue-throat, lesser adjutant storks, brown fish owl and more.

A bath

Elephant bathing

Elephant bathing is the exciting and entertaining activity in Sauraha. Bathing and swimming with the elephant will be the great fun, the more fun will be when elephant spray water from the trunk when you sitting on their back.
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